CLEAN: The First Battle

Posted by: Candice Leigh Hughes


Well, I made it through. I successfully fended off the chocolatey-need monster. Ugh, what a day. Here’s how it went, from my perspective:

  • Went online, looked at Pinterest: Visions of brownies and other decadent goodies flashed their beautiful Pinteresty goodness right in my face. Those jerks. Immediately, the cravings hit.
  • Go to store. Looking for some cream cheese and WHAT is behind me? Ohhhh, you know, nothing but a gigantic display of double-stuffed OREOS. OREOS. Are you kidding me?! *just keep moving, moving, moving*
  • Of course, the common battle at the register: Can’t I have just ONE piece of chocolate today??
  • Leave grocery store. End up at World Market. Somehow, manage to make my way to their chocolate aisle. EVERY SINGLE THING I LOOK AT has hazelnut in it. My absolute favorite combination. UUUGGGHHHHH!!!!! Nope. Stay strong.
  • Go to McDonald’s for lunch (sorry). End up with a tummy ache and what do I see as I look around the dining area? That’s right folks – hot fudge sundaes ALL OVER THE DINING ROOM. Ugh. It’s everywhere. Everywhere, I tell you!
  • Home. Grumpy. Frustrated. Just want some chocolate. Confession: Being a slave to chocolate and sugar, I was grumpy with my family. I even raised my voice once or twice over dumb things because I was just mad at the world.

Really, that’s all that happened. But in my mind, the entire day was a huge battle with my willpower, with my addiction. Amazing how much control sugar/chocolate has over my mind and my spirit. Good to know.

And also, I realized that after lunch at the great McD’s, I had a tummy ache complete with needle-like pains poking me all over my belly, nausea, and a headache. Some of my symptoms I’m trying to cure from this detox came about 30 minutes after eating my lunch. Innnnteresting.

Another quick note – not only that, but this morning, which is the morning after, my face looks, well, just not as vibrant and healthy as it should. I can definitely tell my body is responding to the food I ate yesterday. I had wheat/grains for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pretty interesting what you can learn from just a few days of paying attention to what you eat.

To end, here’s a picture of something delicious that Andrew and I will be eating this week, the first week of our 21-day CLEAN detox!:


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