CLEAN detox: Week 1 Complete!

Posted by: Candice Leigh Hughes

And, folks, we are finished with 7 full days of the CLEAN detox diet. Liquid breakfasts, liquid dinners, a solid, clean meal for lunch and NO SUGAR OR COFFEE! Complete!

Cheats?: A bite of toast here and there (literally, a bite from my daughter’s toast) and a beer on Friday.

How do I feel??? Well, so far I feel pretty normal. Nothing amazing has happened, I haven’t lost much weight (2lbs! Woot!), I don’t have an incredible amount of energy, I look the same. That all being said, my nausea and headaches have pretty much disappeared – except for the headache I experienced after my beer on Friday. That all alone is amazing, though I could really go for a sandwich, a wrap, or at least some tomatoes and peppers on a gigantic plate of Mexican food.

I want to say something really dramatic and introspective in this milestone post, but honestly, folks, I’ve got nothing. Nothing. Feeling really ambivalent today. 😐   I really wish I would’ve lost one more pound this week – trying to lose 3 each week and it seems silly that I didn’t hit that goal by seriously cutting down my caloric intake and exercising regularly. So, overall, today just isn’t my best day emotionally!

So, here’s a picture of one of our lunches this week, a Cucumber/Mango/Black Bean Salad with Lime Chicken:

I made one of these (a raw chocolate/hazelnut fudge cake with raspberries instead of strawberries) for some friends and Andrew in the form of individual “cake bites” and I ate them for dinner two nights in a row:

This is my biggest craving (And it isn’t even chocolate!):


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