CLEAN Elimination Week – Day 2

Written by: Candice Leigh Hughes

Well, as you all are aware, our “elimination week” is focused primarily on eliminating coffee and sugar from our daily intake. Today, I cut my coffee intake down to just fully caffeinated coffee in the mornings. By the end of Tuesday, that fully caffeinated coffee will decrease to 1/2 caff. By Friday, we will totally cut coffee out of the diet. Saturday begins the big detox and, incidentally, is the day of the Indianapolis COLOR RUN and I am SO EXCITED for that!

How does this make me feel? Fine. I LOVE coffee, but I also LOVE green tea. Luckily, green tea is allowed on the CLEAN program, so we bought 1/2 a pound of an herbal/green tea blend today from my lovely sister at Teavana. She knows everything there is to know about tea and she does a great job selling it! I am about to brew some up to take with us to church tonight, in case I get a hankering for some after-dinner coffee! (EDIT: This tea is amazing. Go to TEAVANA and stock up on tea if you’re planning on doing the detox!)

As for sugar, we are trying to completely cut it out immediately. Sugar is my absolute worst enemy/best friend/addiction, so the sooner it is out of my system, the better. I also think it will make detoxing during the diet that much easier if I can just get the sugar habit kicked early – or at least get through those first, horrible 3 days BEFORE doing everything else.

How does this make me feel? Fine. It is day 1 of no sugar and I am full of ambition to finish this strong. We’ll see how I feel two days from now!

I just finished our first week’s grocery list so I am prepared well in advance of the detox start date. I have it all mapped out and hopefully my grocery budget won’t take a huge hit from the new menu. Well, at least it will be very interesting to try all these new foods. Nothing too exciting happening yet, as it is still elimination week. I will keep you updated as the diet progresses!


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