Clean: The Revolution (and the experiment)

Blog Posted by : Candice Leigh Hughes


Beautiful gazpacho from! Click the image for the recipe.

As I go about my days eating a pretty clean diet 70 percent of the time (think vegan: lentils and yucca, quinoa-stuffed peppers, black bean patties and salads), I fill the other 30 percent of my daily intake with standard American fare: brownies, chocolate frosting, chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, french fries, etc. etc.

I FEEL like I eat pretty healthy food, perhaps because what I cook at home is very healthy. However, I went to the doctor the other day for some pretty frustrating symptoms I’ve been having. Headaches, nausea, weakness, lethargy, foggy-mindedness (is that a word?). She suggested medicine and a bland diet that includes pasta, rice, and bananas. She thinks most of my symptoms are originating in the gut. If that’s the case, can’t my diet be altered significantly to try to help?

I didn’t really want to take Prilosec, so instead, my husband and I decided to do a CLEAN detox for 21 days. I don’t know if I’m going to tell my doctor until my next appointment (in 2 weeks) or if I should call her and give her the heads up that I’m not doing what she asked me to do. Anyway, we’re going to follow Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN diet, one that consists of two liquid meals and one solid meal for 21 days. This, my friends, will be an experiment in self control, discipline, and a lesson in healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

This week we are starting to eliminate some of the worst foods from our diet : sugar, coffee. These two things are eaten in abundance at the Hughes household and must be taken out. Doing this a week before starting the cleanse should decrease our overall bad feelings when the cleanse begins. I am expecting some serious hurt over the next month. The true “Elimination Diet” for this cleanse is a lot more intense than this, but sugar and coffee are my main two goals this week. I did, however, buy only items on the “okay to eat” list and avoided purchasing the “do not eat” foods – even the ones I love so much!

Anyway, join me on this journey as I document it on this blog – mainly so that my friend Rosalina can keep me accountable. I’ll see if my symptoms subside or not! As I’m typing this, I am experiencing a horribly painful headache, so I would love to see these disappear. Well, folks, this week – elimination week.


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